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Quarter of Europeans lie about their salary

A quarter of the candidates in Europe lie about their salary at the job interview, hoping for a higher salary. One in five candidates even exaggerates their salary by 10% or more, according to Intelligence Group’s research.

Salary negotiations are one of the most difficult hurdles in an application process. Only 49% of Europeans say they are negotiating the salary. When Europeans look for a new job, one in four candidates does not tell the truth about their current salary. 39% of people who lie about their salaries exaggerate their salaries by increasing it between 15% and 25%.

Men lie more often

In a job interview, European men (28%) exaggerate their salaries more often than women (24%). They also exaggerate their salaries in relation to women with higher numbers. The study shows that men negotiate more often than women about the salary and the salary progression. This could affect the gender pay gap.

Germans lie the most, Greeks are the most honest

Where in Europe do candidates most often lie about their salaries? Research shows that Germany (43%), Slovakia (38%) and Austria (37%) have the highest rates of pay exaggeration. In Norway (12%), Portugal (14%) and Lithuania (15%) the people least frequently lied about their current salary. In Greek people are the most honest about their salary, 74% of Greeks mention their current salary at the time of the job interview.

In Bulgaria, candidates are good at exaggerating. The people who exaggerate their salary, 52% indicate a salary that is 20-25% higher than the current one. Also in Slovenia (47%) and Romania (44%) a high percentage of candidates exaggerate the salary with 20-25%.

It is striking that in the United Kingdom a lower salary is most often mentioned than the current one. Approximately 9% of people indicate a lower salary. In addition, the British also negotiate the least about their salary and accept an offer more quickly, compared to other Europeans.

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