Download the Talent Intelligence Manual 2022 Published on 30-08-2022

Talent Intelligence Manual 2022

There is no ‘single European Labour Market’: a fact that we show in our recently launched Talent Intelligence Manual. Talent Intelligence uses target group information from external sources and is rapidly gaining importance within recruitment.

Our manual contains the talent & labour market statistics from 27 European countries. Companies and recruiters searching for staff are obliged to gain more insights into this tight labour market. What are new employees seeking? What do they find important? But particularly: where are they? How can you find them and how do they find you? This manual does not only answer these questions but also offers tools for the job application procedure by providing data on frequently used orientation channels, important pull factors, job boards, apps and social media popularity per country.

The manual is available in various countries. See below for which countries a manual is available. For each country there is a native language version and an English language version. Download the manual by filling in the form on the page.


Overall, Poles are finding their way into Europe as one of the most active and largest populations of labour migrants. However, Poland is not nearly as popular as other Europeans looking to work internationally. Poland ranks 33rd in terms of preferred countries to work in and Warsaw ranks 61st as the most favored city to work in internationally. Do you want to know more about labour population of poles?


With almost 900.000 immigrants a year, Germany beats every other European country in popularity among Europeans to work internationally. Berlin is a as well a popular workplace, as it ranks 4th as the most favored city to work in internationally. Other talent intelligence details can be found in Intelligence Group’s free downloadable Talent Intelligence Manual Germany 2022. It is important to note that the information may vary significantly by target group and level of experience. Knowing this detail will determine your recruitment success in the labour market.



France has almost an equal distribution of full-time and part-time workers. When looking for a job, receiving a 13th-month pay is with 46% the most important job benefit within the labour force. On the other hand, students value flexible hours as the most important job benefit.



The Talent Intelligence Manual of Greece will be available on 12 October .




The Talent Intelligence Manual of Croatia will be available on 26 October .




The Talent Intelligence Manual of Hungary will be available on 9 November.




The Talent Intelligence Manual of Romania will be available on 23 November.