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The Giant dashboard answers your recruitment questions and enables you to effectively recruit the best candidates. The target group information is available from 28 European countries and the United States. It includes insights into mobility, national benchmarks, candidate expectations, and motivation for choosing a job or organisation. This is combined with detailed information of more than 11.000 job boards, apps, (niche)websites and other media that you can use to target your talent. You can also compile the information you need into a Talent Intelligence PDF report and the dashboard is available in seven languages.

Intelligence Group Solutions Dashboard


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Empowering recruitment with talent intelligence

Enhance the recruitment feasibility with management information on target group size, scarcity, and sourcing pressure.

International recruitment marketing and employer branding

Get insights into the online behaviour of your target group and improve your organisation’s visibility.

Maximising the candidate experience

Improve the candidate experience based on local expectations and differences.

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