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Deep dive talent intelligence for every European target group

Our Talent Analytics is a dynamic and interactive report that provides you with in-depth insight into a specific target group on the labour market. It will help you understand your target group and enable you to identify the ways to effectively recruit the best candidates.

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Talent Analytics

will help you with…

Making your recruitment plan specific for your target group

From blue to white-collar, general to specialised occupations, across all generations, and in every country, region, or even city. Create a specified recruitment plan based on the in-depth insights including scarcity, key drivers, and media behaviour.

Choosing the right mix of media channels

From a database with over 11.000 apps, job boards, social media, niche and general websites, local and specialised media titles, know which media channels to use for your target group and which to avoid

Establishing your recruitment budget

The Talent Analytics report will provide you with elaborate advice and tips & tricks for optimising your strategy and knowing where to allocate your budget to.

Experiences of our customers

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Not all labour market data and analyses are practical enough. Intelligence Group's is.

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