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In addition to our Giant Talent Intelligence Dashboard, it is possible to obtain all talent intelligence data through an API (application programming interface). The API allows for a connection to be made between Intelligence Group’s data and a system of your choice (ATS, VMS, HR, proprietary software). This allows you to maintain the convenience of working in your own system with all the current labor market and target group information from Intelligence Group. Additionally, you can further develop and improve your own product as desired by adding data points in your own environment. An example of this is showing pull factors when writing job vacancy texts.

The API of Intelligence Group is used by Vonq, Brockmeyer, Cielo, Gi Group, Smart Recruiters, LDC, Eelloo, Olympia, Jobdigger, Pixid, and Carerix, among others.

The input for the API consists of a profession code (ISCO 4 digits), country code, experience level (optional), region (optional) and a language code. Regarding the ISCO codes, you can also use our occupations API, which provides ISCO codes for over 200 thousand occupations in thirteen languages. With our API documentation, we assist developers in setting up an API connection. Click the button below to download the API documentation instantly.

Benefits of an API

Intelligence Group’s API answers your recruitment questions and enables you to effectively recruit the best candidates. The Talent Intelligence data is available in 29 countries (28 European countries and the US) and includes insights into mobility, national benchmarks, candidate expectations and motivation to choose a job or organisation. This is combined with detailed information from thousands of job boards, apps, (niche) websites and other media you can use to reach your talent. Moreover, all information is available in six languages (German, English, French, Dutch, Polish and Spanish).

Product development

With our labour market data, you can further develop and enrich your own system or product. Innovative, up-to-date and detailed insights give you an edge over your competitors.

Custom data available

Get the opportunity to use only datasets of interest to your organisation. Tailormade and adaptable to your needs!

Strong brand identity

By integrating data into your own system or product, you choose to preserve your own house style, which creates a strong brand identity.

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