Collaboration between Intelligence Group and Studyportals Published on 22-09-2022

Campus Recruitment Talent data as weapon in war for talent and students

Collaboration: Intelligence Group and Studyportals join forces in providing global campus recruitment data.

Rotterdam – 22 September 2022. Employers worldwide are struggling with the problem of finding out which colleges and universities graduate which students. This is apart from the question of how best to recruit these students locally. By linking the global data of almost 250,000 Bachelor and Master programmes of Studyportals to the recruitment data of Intelligence Group, these questions are now solved with one click of a button.

Per continent, country, skill or discipline, insights can be gained into where global talent is located and how it can be recruited. The attractiveness of other countries and even cities can be taken into account.  Hence, a city like Amsterdam- a large international IT employer, a university like EUR or a region like Brainport can in this way recruit the right talent and the right skills in a very targeted way. With this data, foreign companies and regions can target Dutch universities and colleges, while Dutch companies can recruit those with scarce skills from around the world.

On the collaboration, Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Director Intelligence Group “Till now, global campus recruitment was a big black hole and black box. By combining our data with Studyportals, the talent intelligence insights for global and local recruitment are available. A giant step forward for allocating and recruiting talent. Not only for recruitment purposes but also to help students to make better career choices and find the best employers.”

Providing students with additional information

In addition to recruitment functionalities, the combination of data offers students and universities additional insight into local labour market opportunities, the most promising studies, orientation channels and possible career paths with attractive employers. In this way, students are better able to make the right choice for their study and weigh up future career prospects.

Thijs van Vugt, Director Analytics and Consulting at Studyportals “In the current economic climate of labour shortages and the war for talent, employability is getting more and more important for both students and universities. Hence, collaborating with Intelligence Group is very valuable to us as Studyportals can provide important data on the supply of and demand for international education to employers through Intelligence Group, and Intelligence Group can provide relevant employability data to Studyportals over time.”

How does it work?

Wondering what exactly that looks like? The following article uses videos to explain exactly what it looks like.

Impressive statistics

  • Almost 250.000 studies globally
  • 12.000 media titles
  • 131 countries
  • > 13.000 skills
  • > 4.000 trainers
  • 2.000 cities

More information

More information about the cooperation between Studyportals and Intelligence Group or the underlying data, possibilities, and analyses? Please contact:

Iris Lampe, Marketing Manager Intelligence Group

+31 88 730 2800

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