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Press release Published on 30-04-2021

VONQ introduces Labor Market Insights dashboard with data of Intelligence Group

The new Labor Market Insights dashboard, part of VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform, helps enterprises better understand applicant profiles, as well as plan and budget for online job marketing campaigns to fill open positions as fast and cost-effective as possible.

Rotterdam, Netherlands / Dusseldorf, Germany, May 3, 2021—VONQ B.V. the industry-leading provider of online job marketing solutions introduces the new Labor Market Insights dashboard in the Job Marketing Platform.

VONQ: The Talent Acquisition Platform of Choice for Fortune 500 Companies

VONQ’s platform is already established as the tool of choice for Fortune 500 companies with over 2500 media channels to choose from, a global media supplier base, and integrations with over 18 enterprise-grade Human Capital and Talent Acquisition Systems. So, The Labor Market Insights dashboard addresses hiring team’s most pressing questions as they deal with disruptive transformation in their companies and industries.

Arno Schäfer, CEO of VONQ Group says, “As new roles emerge, hiring teams are challenged to find applicants for positions they have not targeted previously. We observe the evolution of every economic sector through the pandemic and decided that now is the right time to help online recruiters and hiring teams to respond better to their industry and company needs.”

The informative data-driven dashboard gives them must-know insights to reach new job seekers as the open positions within their companies change with the outcomes of the pandemic.”

Labor Market Insights is fully integrated in Job Marketing Platform for quick and easy access. It shows with clear numbers, graphs, and top 10 lists the top 6 factors that impact online recruiting success. Users can filter the dashboard to show results based on over 20,000 job titles and 28 countries. This data empowers VONQ customers to better plan their campaign budgets and timeframes, as well as better understand applicant perspectives, so they can strategically market their open positions.


Geert-Jan Waasdorp, CEO & Founder of Intelligence Group

“VONQ is a leader in the recruitment marketing space, and in the last 15 years has worked closely with Intelligence Group, a proud company from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Integrating our talent intelligence into VONQs platform, has solidified our partnership together in delivering hiring teams essential data and tools to tackle disruptive changes in the labor market. I am of course proud and delighted to take this step together,”

Connect recruiters to the information they need

The Labor Market Insights dashboard provides answers to hiring teams most pressing questions, including:

  • How many people are seeking new jobs for a specific job title and location? For example, PHP Developers in the UK.
  • How difficult will it be to find applicants for a specific position and location?
  • How can I decide where to advertise job openings to reach the ideal applicant?
  • What benefits do job seekers for a specific job title and location want from an employer?
  • How can I optimize my campaigns to be more convincing to applicants?

Example Labor Market Insights dashboard in VONQ’s Job Marketing Platform.