Article Published on 08-07-2020

Writing and posting vacancies least favourite tasks of recruiters

Writing job advertisements and then distributing them through media, job boards and other channels are recruiters least favorite task in the recruitment process. This is evident from the Key Recruitment Metrics Survey 2020, which compares the key figures of employers. 

It also shows that in terms of the time spent by recruiters, the most successful recruiters leave additional tasks, such as writing, optimising and posting vacancies to others such as labour market communication specialists. These insights were discussed during the Key Recruitment Metrics Seminar.

The Key Recruitment Metrics Seminar highlighted the most important insights from the Key Recruitment Metrics Survey 2020 by Intelligence Group in collaboration with Compagnon, Werf& and the Academy for Labour Market Communication.

In addition to comparing important KPIs such as fulfilment ratio, turnaround time, cost per hire, and the average number of vacancies in the portfolio, recruiters’ evaluations and time expenditure were compared. Recruiters indicated that they find interviewing and selecting candidates the most enjoyable tasks in the recruitment process. They also indicated that they had fun during the vacancy intake.

Recruiters least favorite task.

On the other hand, they found writing vacancy texts and posting them are recruiters least favorite task . Opinions are divided when it comes to recruiting candidates: while some recruiters said that they enjoy this task the most, others – surprisingly – said that they don’t really like it. This is remarkable, since recruiting candidates is an essential task of the recruiter. This shows that several tendencies can be observed in recruitment. On the one hand, recruiters who are more on the recruitment side of the recruitment game, both inbound and outbound recruitment, and on the other hand, recruiters who are more on the selection side of the game.

Source: Key Recruitment Metrics Survey 2020

Time spent by recruiters

Looking at the time spent by recruiters, it appears that the less time spent on additional tasks such as writing and posting vacancies, the more successful the recruiter is. Outperformers focus on the recruitment process and automate or outsource other matters.

Automation of additional tasks

According to the survey, one-third of a recruiter’s time is spent on administrative tasks. That is a shame because the recruiter could have been performing focus tasks, namely attracting and recruiting suitable candidates. The question is therefore: how can these administrative tasks be automated?

Nowadays, several steps of the recruitment process can be automated with different tools. Professional and smart vacancy intake, for instance, can be automated with the help of the Recruitment Accelerator. The online vacancy intake provides information about the target group, recruitment feasibility and media, after which a written vacancy text is delivered. In addition, working with tools such as Textmetrics and VacatureVerbeteraar (Vacancy Improver) can be useful. The VacatureVerbeteraar, for example, allows you to upload a vacancy text, and gives target group-related tips to improve it.

In addition to creating vacancies, their distribution can also be automated. For instance, by using Brockmeyer or VONQ to improve response rates to vacancies. By automating the recruitment process, there is more time to focus on tasks that the recruiter not only enjoys but also the essential task: the recruitment of suitable candidates.