Customer case Published on 30-01-2020


KLM uses data on talent scarcity in different focus groups to allow recruitment to better anticipate the labour market. “We can follow the market developments on a daily basis. This really helps our recruiters with their advice and find those scarce talents,” says Anne-Mieke Schildt, Manager Recruitment at KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline with 33,000 employees worldwide.

Scarcity test: more efficient work process

“Recruitment has a transparent role. We used to indicate talent scarcity in the market, but we wondered what that indication was based on. Because it’s so difficult to find the right people, we have to be able to check our possibilities. The DoelgroepenDashboard helps us with that. It provides insight into this labour market,” continues Schildt. “It’s quite difficult to recruit in some focus groups, but the DoelgroepenDashboard provides us with a prognosis. For example, we’ve found information on what potential recruits think is important. That helps us to tailor our texts and campaigns. Based on real-time vacancy data and quarterly research, this great tool assists us in our daily processes and allows us to respond quickly and effectively to the labour market,” she explains.

Transparency with data

In its first year with KLM, the DoelgroepenDashboard was mainly used by recruiters to test for talent scarcity. For example, recruitment advises the business on whether or not to extend contracts. “That was great, but since then Intelligence Groups has added other functionalities to the, for example whether the market is stabilizing or not,” adds Schildt. “We track these movements continuously, because they change every quarter. It allows us to see whether it’s getting harder or easier to find talent. What I like about the dashboard is that the data it uses is very recent. We can therefore really follow the movements of the market. This ensures that we can be transparent when it comes to recruitment, and that we build trust in the business. ”

Easy insights

“We mainly use the DoelgroepenDashboard to test for talent scarcity when hiring managers. The DoelgroepenDashboard is very user-friendly, I really like that: you only have to type in a job title to find useful information,” says Schildt. The possibilities don’t stop there for her team. “There’s a lot to discover in data. We are now looking at the important pull factors from the DoelgroepenDashboard, like for example flexible working hours. We now prominently include this in our job vacancies.”

Anne-Mieke Schildt, KLM

"The DoelgroepenDashboard is a valuable tool to show that recruitment is transparent in following the processes"

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