Most Preferred European Employers Published on 12-10-2022

US employers dominate most preferred European employers

Amazon is most preferred European employer.

Rotterdam 12 October – Six of the 10 most preferred employers in Europe have their origins in America. These include; Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Coca Cola and IBM. The European top 10 also includes German, Swedish and British employers. Interestingly, IT and Technicians are more likely to be interested in the automotive sector, partly motivated by the masculinity of the target group. In contrast, the female target group is interested in companies in retail and social organisations. This includes European supermarket chains, fashion giants and drugstores. These do tend to be of European origin.

It is also notable that among theoretically educated students, there is more than average interest in large consultancy companies. The top 10 most preferred employers by theoretically educated students:

1.           Amazon

2.           Google

3.           Microsoft

4.           Apple

5.           NHS

6.           Ikea

7.           Coca Cola

8.           Lidl

9.           IBM

10.        BMW

No single European employer, but national preferred

Companies like Ikea, BMW and Lidl transcend their national popularity even though it is perfectly clear from which countries these employers originate. Consequently, there are hardly any truly European employers in Europe. A playing field that US employers are gratefully exploiting in the ‘war for talent’. “The global tightness in labour markets and especially in Europe and America makes the importance of a strong employer brand obvious. American companies have a strong advantage in the global war for talent due to their strong preference among talent. European employers need to think and act bigger to make a fist in the European and global labour market,” said Geert-Jan Waasdorp, CEO Intelligence Group.

In today’s tight labour market, it is a mission for companies to attract and retain talent. This year, employer branding is seen even more by organizations as a top priority to simplify the search for talent. This is because good employer branding helps attract, hire and retain talent. The first steps towards making the list of preferred employers is by offering good and fair terms of employment, taking good care of their own staff, offering future prospects, development and increasing public awareness of them.

Most preferred European employers per country

Austria: Microsoft                                        Lithuania: Telia

Belgium: Google                                           Netherlands: Rijksoverheid

Bulgaria: Lidl                                                 Croatia: DM

Czech Republic: Cez Group                       Norway: Equinor

Denmark: Novo Nordisk                              Poland: Orlen

Germany: Siemens                                      Portugal: Google

Estonia: Telia                                                 Romania: Coca Cola

France: EDF                                                   Slovenia: KRKA

Finland: Nokia                                               Slovakia: Kaufland

Greece: Google                                            Spain: Amazon

Hungary: Mol                                                 United Kingdom: NHS

Ireland: Google                                             Switzerland: Google

Italy: Amazon                                                Latvia: Latvenergo

About Intelligence Group’s research

The results come from Intelligence Group’s European labour market survey 2022. For this, data is collected annually from different target groups in the labour market. More than 100,000 respondents from 27 European countries took part in this survey. Based on this, the report with the most preferred employers was compiled. In it, the target groups IT professionals, technicians, women and students were reported. Furthermore, the most preferred employers per country have been made transparent.

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