Customer case Published on 28-10-2020


As a pioneer in Total Talent Management, the Belgian company Solvus is committed to discovering and implementing the latest innovative techniques and trends. So, this enables them to always deploy the right talents for their clients. With their flexible and modular solution, they relieve their customers of their recruitment activities, so that they can focus on their core business. Solvus uses Giant! (previously known as the European Recruitment Dashboard) to find and reach the right target group for their customers.

Why Giant?

“Companies come to Solvus because they want to attract the right talent. Due to the combination of language problems in Belgium and the overheated labour market, it is not always easy to find and reach the right target group. As a pioneer in Total Talent Management, we constantly scan the market for new technological developments and trends, often ending up on the Dutch market. Your unique proposition on the market encouraged us to work with you,” says Isabel De Baecke, Business Unit Manager Talent Acquisition.

Better and substantiated advice for customers

“Since the beginning of this year, we have been using Giant! effectively. Thanks to this tool, we can show our clients in an objective way why it is difficult to find their target group, where the target group is located and what candidates consider important. Customers expect more and more objective data of the labour market. By taking the data from Giant! with us, we can advise our clients even better. This contributes to customer satisfaction. The tool not only supports our advice to the customer, but also offers us the opportunity to work on this internally.”

Isabel De Baecke, Solvus

"This innovative tool provides better insight into the market and offers its own recruiters support in the search for the right candidates".

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