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Google most popular employer for European women

Research by Intelligence Group, including more than 60,000 unique respondents in Europe, shows that Google is the most popular employer for women. Second on the list is NHS (National Health Service), the British national health service, which is the UK's number 1 employer of choice.

In the top 10 for most favorite employers among European women are a number of large international companies mentioned, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Coca Cola. There are also a number of European companies in the top 10, such as Lidl and Ikea. 


It is striking that there are three stores in the top 10: Lidl, DM and Ikea. If we look at the differences in the top 25 for men and women, men tend to choose car brands and women tend to choose retail chains such as Zara and H&M. The NHS is also much higher on the list for women (second place) than for men (32nd place). The large tech companies are popular with both groups. 


Source: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor by Intelligence Group

Download the top 50 here.

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