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Belgium ranks higher than the Netherlands on the list of favourite countries to work in, however Amsterdam remains popular

The United States is the third largest country in the world and it consists of a mixture of large urban areas and thinly populated plains in nature. The cultures in the United States are very diverse. The diversity and contrasts are the reasons for making the United State a popular destination: not only for holidays, but also as a destination for employment. Research among the European population has shown that the United States is an outstanding country to work in. Nearly a third of the (European) labour market chooses the United States as first country to work in, followed by Canada and Germany in second and third place.

About a fourth of the European workforce says they would like to work in these countries. Zooming in on the results, it is striking that Europeans would rather choose Belgium to work in than the Netherlands! The fact is, that Belgium is in twelfth place contrary to the Netherlands which is in fifteenth place.

Top 15 favorite country among Europeans

  Country Percentage
1 United States 28,6 %
2 Canada 24,3 %
3 Germany 24,1 %
4 Australia 22,6 %
5 United Kingdom 22,0 %
6 France 16,1 %
7 Spain 14,7 %
8 Austria 14,3 %
9 Switzerland 11,5 %
10 Italy 10,1 %
11 Denmark 9,5 %
12 Belgium 9,4 %
13 Sweden 9,3 %
14 Norway 8,7 %
15 Netherlands 8,6 %


In contrast to the popularity of Belgium, which is preferred to the Netherlands as country of employment, it is totally different for the cities. It is striking that no less than 2.3 million Europeans would choose Amsterdam as favourite city for employment, whereas 1.5 million European say they would like to work in Brussels (18th in ranking). That is a difference of 0.8 million. Could these figures tell that Amsterdam has a better image than the Netherlands and the other way round: is Belgium doing much better than Brussels? Would that also suggest that the working man in Europe is easier to entice to live and work in Amsterdam than in the rest of the Netherlands? And subsequently, is the attractiveness of the capital of Belgium less interesting in proportion to the rest of the country and its culture?

London is at any rate the favourite among the cities for employment with no less than 10.6 million Europeans who choose London as their favourite city, followed by New York, Paris, Berlin and Sydney. For the employer who has the ambition to operate in the European market it is good to know that the international competition goes beyond the European borders. GTAM's current data show that there is enough to learn about the European labour market. 

Top 15 favorite city among Europeans

  City Percentage
1 Londen 25,7 %
2 New York 17,4 %
3 Paris 13,4 %
4 Berlin 11,3 %
5 Sydney 9,6 %
6 Barcelona 8,3 %
7 Madrid 6,5 %
8 Los Angeles 6,3 %
9 Vienna 6,1 %
10 Rome 5,8 %
11 Toronto 5,6 %
12 Amsterdam 5,6 %
13 Tokyo 5,5 %
14 Oslo 5,1 %
15 Munich 4,7 %

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