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A beautiful office in the heart of Rotterdam

At the beginning of this year, Intelligence Group moved to a different location. As a company rooted in Rotterdam, leaving this bustling city was out of the question. That is why we moved to an office even closer to Rotterdam’s city center, located in Het IndustrieGebouw (HIG) on the Goudsesingel. Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, we have not spent as much time as we would have liked in our new office. Therefore, we cannot wait until we can all go back to the office and to receive guests here.

Whereas in the former building Intelligence Group was still separated from the sister companies Werf&, de Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie, and Recruitment Accelerator, we are now all together in one large office space with various separated rooms. In the specially designed office by Hal-2 from Eindhoven, the different rooms facilitate our colleagues with a quiet workspace, while at the same time there is an open atmosphere in the office. Where in the former building we used to visit our sister companies for practical purposes only, we can now walk in at any time during the day. We feel that in addition to a new office we have also got new colleagues, which leads to a lot of enjoyable moments in the office, especially during lunch and Friday afternoon drinks. “It is wonderful to have your own place. A place where you are at home, and can be proud of what you do together. 450 square meters of inspiration, hard work and real contact. With a smile” says Geert Jan Waasdorp.

Moreover, the location of our office ensures that we feel completely at home here. On and around the Goudsesingel, where Het IndustrieGebouw is located, there are plenty of spots to find a delicious lunch or to enjoy a drink after working hours. Het IndustrieGebouw is also easily accessible by public transport and is therefore an ideal place to give seminars and training courses. In addition to our office spaces, we also have an extra space that can be used for seminars, trainings, and other events. The first event held in our new office will take place in June. More information on this event will follow shortly.