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185,000 European lorry drivers want to work in the Netherlands

A recent announcement stated that there is a major shortage of lorry drivers in the Netherlands. Trade organisation VERN reported that this shortage is harmful to the economy, given that the stocking of supermarkets, for example, is lagging behind. VERN wants to respond to this shortage by training retired lorry drivers. The solution to this problem can be found over the border too.

Intelligence Group’s Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) has revealed that 185,000 lorry drivers from Europe want to work in the Netherlands. GTAM is a large-scale European labour market survey that’s been conducted in 28 countries among 60,000 people from the working population. The greatest potential workforce lies in Western Europe. Three out of the five biggest countries of origin are situated in Western Europe (Germany, the United Kingdom and France). The other two countries lie in Eastern Europe (Romania and Ukraine). By attracting lorry drivers from these countries, the shortages that exist in the Netherlands can be resolved right away.

Table 1: Where do lorry drivers who want to work in the Netherlands come from?

  Countries Potential workforce
1 Germany 28,800
2 Romania 21,700
3 United Kingdom 20,100
4 Ukraine 19,800
5 France 13,600

When employers want to tempt lorry drivers from abroad to come and work in the Netherlands, it is important to take into account the working conditions and pull factors that this group deems to be important. The results have revealed that security and financial security are important. Drivers have indicated that a pension scheme, a good salary and a permanent contract are important aspects when it comes to accepting a job abroad.

“There are sufficient lorry drivers in Europe who want to work in the Netherlands and are able to reduce the shortage. It is also important to offer the right conditions during the recruitment process. Financial security is important to European lorry drivers. By offering conditions that provide this security, lorry drivers may be tempted to come and work in the Netherlands.”, explains Matthijs de Fauw, international labour market analyst for Intelligence Group.

  Main reasons for lorry drivers to work abroad
1 Salary
2 A better standard of living
3 To start a new life
4 Economic situation in their own country
5 Want to learn a new language

Source: Global Talent Acquisition Monitor 2018, Intelligence Group

  Most important benefits for lorry drivers
1 (Flexible) working hours
2 Pension scheme
3 Holiday allowance
4 Payment of travel expenses
5 Number of paid vacation days

Source: Global Talent Acquisition Monitor 2018, Intelligence Group

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Research design
The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) is the survey by Intelligence Group into the supply side (available talent) of the European labour market that has been conducted among around 60,000 unique respondents in 28 European countries. Respondents were questioned in detail on matters such as pull factors, favourite apps and vacancy and other websites, the candidate experience, international mobility, etc. The questions asked in the survey were: ‘’What are your main reasons for considering working abroad?‘’ and “In which countries would you consider working?”. The above figures have been taken from GTAM 2018.

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