Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Intelligence Group?

Intelligence Group is an international data and tech company specializing in the collection and analysis of labor market and recruitment data in Europe. By including its own independent labor market research ITAM, Intelligence Group serves recruiters and intermediaries with the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant.

What products does Intelligence Group offer?

Intelligence Group offers two products, Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant and Talent Analytics. Intelligence Group’s data is also available through api’s and widely used in HR and recruitment tech systems, such as ATS, VMS, Jobmarkting, Career Tools and Fintech.

What is the difference between Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant and Talent Analytics?

The data Intelligence Group collects with ITAM are incorporated into the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant. Users log in themselves and select the desired target group. The user then receives all conceivable information about the selected target group.

When Talent Analytics is purchased, the team of analysts creates customized reports of the specific target group and dives even deeper into the data. This makes it possible to define the target group even more specifically and answer additional research questions such as campus recruitment, inflow, and regional competitors.

When is it advisable to choose Talent Analytics?

If your target audience is very unique, scarce, and strategic and you want to have the latest details and unique information to gain strategic advantage, then Talent Analytics is the way to go. For example, consider target groups such as Veterinarians or Psychiatrists, and Occupational Physicians. Talent Analytics are also a godsend for regional, and international analyses.

From which countries does the Intelligence Group collect labor market data?

Currently, the Intelligence Group collects labor market data from 28 European countries and the United States. We conduct our ITAM research quarterly in the following countries: Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and England. In the remaining countries, we conduct research once a year.


What is the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant?

The Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant provides target audience insights in 29 countries. The data available in the dashboard is used to optimize your recruitment strategy.

What questions does the Giant Talent Intelligence Dashboard answer?
  • How large is the talent pool?
  • What social media channels is the target audience on?
  • On which (niche) job boards is the target group active?
  • What are the important terms of employment for the target group?
  • What are other pull factors that the target group considers important?
  • Where can similar job postings be found?
  • Who are the target group’s largest employers?
    And much more.

By incorporating the answers to these questions into your job posting, the right talent can be immediately attracted to the position. This offers many advantages over the competition.

What do people use the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant for?

The Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant is used by companies looking for the right talent, including those with their own professional recruitment departments, staffing agencies, RPOs, and job marketing agencies. Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant can also be used to inform your strategy. Giant can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to inform your strategy, better target your sourcing, be active on the right media channels, optimize your job postings to reach the right talent, improve your recruitment strategy, and much more.

In what situation is the use of the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant necessary?

The Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant is needed in situations where you need detailed information about the target audience to be recruited. The Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant provides comprehensive data on the availability, qualifications, and interests of potential candidates in the labor market, which is invaluable in making decisions about the hiring process.

What is the cost of the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant?

Intelligence Group uses annual subscriptions for its Giant product. The cost depends on the number of analyses, reports, and the number of countries for which the client needs information. Additional costs are charged if the reports need to be created in the client’s house style. For more information on costs, please contact Intelligence Group.

After signing up for a Giant subscription, how soon can you use the dashboard?

Once all the client’s data is received, they can use the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant the same day.

Does the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant contain a self-learning algorithm?

The Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant does not contain a self-learning algorithm or Artificial Intelligence. The dashboard consists of hard data and data collected from various sources. This data is then analyzed and visualized to give users insight into the job market and their target audience. Thus, the dashboard is based on automated data analysis, business rules, and visualization. It does not involve self-learning algorithms, nor does it incorporate personal data.


Where does the data from the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant come from?

Intelligence Group conducts quarterly large-scale research, this research is called International Talent Acquisition Monitor (ITAM). The research focuses on the European labor market. Most of the data is used in the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant. comes from this research. The survey was conducted in 28 European countries and the United States. Other sources processed in the Talent Intelligence Dashboard Giant are Jobfeed, Jobdigger, Eurostat, CBS, and classifications such as SBI, ISCO, ESCO, O*Net, and national classifications in the field of occupations and media.

In what way is it ensured that the data used remain current and safeguarded?

The ITAM survey is conducted quarterly. Intelligence Group conducts the survey annually among more than 125,000 respondents within the European labor market. Data from the past eight quarters are used, representing approximately 250,000 respondents surveyed. The survey includes various topics, such as demographics, current and desired work situations, preferences for working conditions, employers, and future prospects.

The job data is real-time, which means it is updated every moment of the day.


If you are interested, be sure to contact Intelligence Group. We will be happy to tell you more about our products.