Partner Policy

Intelligence Group’s Partner Policy is intended to inform relationships, suppliers and partners about the considerations and controls Intelligence Group makes when entering into, maintaining and retaining relationships, suppliers and partners. In doing so, the following points apply:

1. General

Exchanging confidential and personal data with external partners is an essential part of our business activities. To ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of this data, the following guidelines have been established.

2. Confidentiality Statement

When exchanging confidential data between our organization and external partners, it is mandatory to draft and sign a confidentiality declaration. This declaration formalizes the commitment of both parties to keep the confidential information provided strictly confidential and to use it only for its intended purposes.

3. Processor Agreement

When personal data is exchanged between our organization and external partners, a processor agreement is drawn up and signed. This agreement regulates the obligations and responsibilities regarding the processing of personal data and ensures compliance with applicable (privacy) laws.

4. IG information security requirements.

External partners must comply with the information security requirements as established by Intelligence Group. This includes implementing appropriate security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of exchanged data.

5. ISO 27001 Certification.

Partners are preferably selected on the basis of their ISO 27001 certification. This certification confirms that the partner meets internationally recognized information security standards, contributing to an increased level of data protection and security.

6. Continuity and Termination of Collaboration.

Partners must demonstrate that they are able to provide continuity of service. Upon termination of cooperation, prior arrangements will be made to secure shared data, with all relevant data being securely transferred or deleted according to agreed protocols.