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End-of-year Intelligence Group 2023 promotion

10 + 5 target group analyses for €3,000

Want to know exactly which channels your target audience is on, what they find important in a job, and how to reach them? Our Talent Intelligence Dashboard, Giant, can help you do just that!

The dashboard gives you full insight into which channels your target group is active on, how big your target group is, which pull factors and employment conditions they find important, and much more. Using this data, you will know exactly how to reach your target group, set up your strategy, and optimize your job ads.

We now have an attractive end-of-year promotion: get 10+5 free target group analyses for only €3,000 (normally you pay €3,500 for 10 analyses). For an additional €500, you can also use these searches in the Fixed and Flex dashboard.

Use the button below to take a look at Giant’s demo environment to get a good impression of the dashboard, or register directly for the promotion.

Content of the end-of-year campaign

  • You get 10 + 5 free searches that allow you to do your own 15 audience analyses in the Giant dashboard. You can convert the target group analysis to a PDF file so you can save it.
  • For an extra charge of €500, you can also use these searches in the Fixed and Flex dashboard only available for Netherlands.
  • Within a maximum of 4 countries of your choice.
  • For a total price of €3,000 (excluding VAT), normally you pay €3,500 for this.

Rules of the game:

  • This promotion applies to new customers. Existing customers will soon receive another great offer in their mailbox.
  • The search queries are valid for 6 months.
  • The promotion runs until 15 December 2023.
  • Billing in 2023. Full billing details must be submitted by 15 December.

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End-of-year campaign 2023

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