Employer benefits

Create the best vacancy text for your target group

The Recruitment Module enables you to quickly and easily analyse vacancy texts and optimise them based on gender, benefit preference, and SEO for the target group that you as a recruiter want to reach. It is a tool created in collaboration with Textmetrics and Jobdigger.


Employer benefits

will help you with…

Scanning and improving your text for recruitment bias

Based on gender, educational level, employer benefits, and impact/style, the Recruitment Module gives insight into the key drivers and employer benefits for your target group.

Improving the readability of your vacancy texts

The Recruitment Module scans your text on readability, language level and gender inclusion for your target group. Giving you pointers on where you can optimise your text for a text your target group wants to read!

SEO-optimisation and integration with Google for Jobs

Scanning for findability and trackability, the Recruitment Module helps you optimise your text for search engines. Making it easy for your potential candidates to find the vacancy.

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Ready to discover the Recruitment Module plug-in?

Through a plug-in of the Recruitment Module it is possible to easily integrate the online tool into your recruitment system, ATS or Microsoft Word. Similarly, a Google Chrome extension is also available.

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