September 27-28

The first Talent Intelligence Conference

Talent Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing features within recruitment. It fuels A.I. and automation, provides a competitive advantage, and forms the fundamental strategy for winning the war for talent. It’s also one of the youngest disciplines within the recruitment industry.

On September 27-28, the international elite in Talent Intelligence in combination with recruitment and talent intelligence leaders are gathering for the first time for a conference. Two days and 2 evenings/nights will be spent in Amsterdam | Hoofddorp to go in-depth into data, research, new developments like AI and hacks, Diversity, talent mapping, skills, etc. If you don’t know how to find and locate talent, then you will know after this event.

With key-notes from the best in class, like Amazon, Google, Indeed, Stratigens, PayPal, Novartis, PWC, EY, Volvo, Headfirst, Draup, Bolt, Intelligence Group, WPP, 8vance, Clara, Reveliolabs, Activision Blizzard, Claro Analytics and many more.

The conference is an initiative from Intelligence Group, To Talent, Stratigens, Headfirst Group, Werf& and the Talent Intelligence Collective.

This is a conference you definitely don’t want to miss.

The event will be in English.

Talent Intelligence Conference

Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing features within recruitment. It fuels A.I. and automation, provides a competitive advantage, and forms the fundamental strategy for winning the war for talent. It’s also one of the youngest disciplines within the recruitment industry.


The conference lasts two days. The conference starts with pre-conference drinks close to Amsterdam on September 26th. The pre-conference drinks are made possible by our partner Textkernel.

Talent Intelligence Conference

September 27th

On September 27th there are several speakers, experts in the field of talent intelligence, masterclasses you can attend, and demonstrations. Furthermore, there is a space where you can visit various stands of companies specialized in talent intelligence. A delightful lunch is provided and there is time for a cultural activity. Of course, there are plenty of networking opportunities.

Talent Intelligence Conference

September 28th

On September 28th, we will first look back at the previous day, discussing what was talked about and learned. Then, there are 4 business cases you can follow. Four companies share their experience with talent intelligence and how they manage it. Again, this day includes a delicious lunch, time for culture, and ample networking opportunities.


Talent Intelligence Conference

Geert-Jan Waasdorp | CEO Intelligence Group

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From sweet spots to the creator’s community Onlyfans. What drives talent?

No names, no LinkedIn or aggregated data. Just the sweet spots in the world of talent intelligence. Geert-Jan Waasdorp, CEO of Intelligence Group, will take the listeners into hot spots of data points and other ways to look at unique candidate data. From future skills, blue-collar workers, campus data, candidate experience till 12K recruitment- and media titles, EVP and talent drivers. Open doors, but even more (hot) surprises.

Toby Culshaw | Global Head of Talent Intelligence Amazon

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Toby Culshaw currently leads a global team as Talent Intelligence Leader at Amazon, where he empowers leadership with data-driven insights for strategic decisions. He is a former Global Head of Talent Intelligence at Philips, an international speaker, founder of the Talent Intelligence Collective, and author of “Talent Intelligence: Use Business and People Data to Drive Organizational Performance.

Alison Ettridge | CEO Stratigens

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Alison Ettridge is the CEO of Stratigens, a company that specializes in labour market analytics and workforce planning. With her firm, she provides HR leaders with the necessary tools and data to make smart decisions about their workforce and workplaces. Alison has an extensive background in startups and is a strong supporter of women in tech and female founders. Her expertise encompasses a range of areas including workforce intelligence, talent intelligence, big data, people due diligence, succession planning, leadership risk management, competitive intelligence, and diversity intelligence.

Marlene de Koning | Director PWC

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Being the bridge between innovative technologies and creating a business strategy while building a team that successfully grows the market is what I love to do.

My specialty lies in the world of work and the bridge between HR and technology. The past years I have been growing incubation products and scaled businesses within this industry. I understand the technical innovations on how to make the world of work better, but also on how to build and execute on a plan to accelerate to market. I was one of the first 5 consultants at LinkedIn bringing digital transformation into the world of Human Resources. I was part of Microsoft’s Viva product group during the launch of the Viva employee experience platform.

My approach for attacking challenges is to innovate through collaboration and data. Continuously developing and learning is for me part of the journey of innovation. I set a very high bar for myself and others. Through constantly examining and challenging, I enable others to grow rapidly and secure accelerated business success.

Currently I am the Director of Employee Experience consultancy and we create compelling employee experience visions for the C suite. The effect of people on organizations transformation is key and every digital transformation asks for a cultural transformation as well. Organizations struggle to translate the business need in to a technology solution. My team advises customers on the effect on people and how these technologies allow for a better employee experience.

Ton Sluiter | Manager Data HeadFirst Group

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Ben Zweig | CEO, Revelio Labs

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Ben Zweig is the CEO of Revelio Labs, a workforce intelligence company. He also teaches courses on The Future of Work at NYU. Prior to starting Revelio Labs, Ben led Workforce Analytics at IBM. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and has done research in Occupational Transformation and Social Mobility.

Ian Addison-Smith | Executive Talent Attraction & Global Talent Intelligence Leader, EY

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Ian has nearly 20 years experience of in using external data-driven insights to inform talent management strategies and decision-making. He is an experienced Talent Analytics & Talent Attraction Leader specializing in Talent Intelligence, Workforce Transformation, and Talent Acquisition.



We are thrilled to announce that we have also secured an amazing speaker from Google, who will share their insights and best practices on talent intelligence. Stay tuned for more details on these exciting addition to our lineup!


Simone Dooley | Global Talent Intelligence Lead,

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Global Talent Intelligence Lead with deep tech industry expertise across APAC, EMEA, and the US. Currently at, driving data-driven people and talent strategy decisions. Formerly 6 yrs at Google, shaping talent strategy amid rapid growth. Lived in five countries, originally from Australia


Sam Fletcher | Talent Acquisition and Executive Search leader, PayPal

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Sam established the Talent Intelligence function at PayPal, analyzing trends in the global business, economy and employment marketplace. His prior experience includes working with clients in the technology and financial services sectors on executive search and consulting engagements.


Kari Carney | Global Talent Intelligence Leader,

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Kari Carney leads the global Talent Intelligence team at delivering talent market data, competitive intelligence and TA enablement to support business decision making at the highest strategic level as well as leveling up the talent function in terms of data fluency & competency.


Mario Pear tree | Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Bolt

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Teresa Wykes | SAP

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Jack Kennedy | Senior Economist, Indeed

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Jack Kennedy is an economist on the Indeed Hiring Lab. With a background in financial services and macroeconomic indicators, his research is published on the Indeed Hiring Lab blog, while he is also a regular commentator on the labour market to the media and speaker at events.Innovative data insight


Anastasiia Kolos | Global Market and Talent Intelligence Lead, Nexperia

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Experienced in Talent Intelligence, Exec Search, and Strategic Management, currently I am building out Talent Intelligence team at Nexperia. I strive to drive success by aligning business goals with the evolving landscape of talent and work.


Vijay Swaminathan | Co-Founder & CEO, Draup

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Vijay Swaminathan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Draup, an AI-Driven Reskilling and Talent Intelligence Platform. Vijay has extensive experience in Product Ideation, Concept to Productization, and Platform enablement. He also co-founded of Zinnov and TalentNeuron & held senior positions at Hewitt & KPMG


Marlieke Pols | Manager Talent Intelligence Consulting, Amazon

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Marlieke Pols is an experience TI professional, currently working for Amazon’s WWAS Global Talent Intelligence team. Before joining Amazon, Marlieke worked for Royal Philips, where she advised various internal departments on the external labor market.


Laurens Waling | Chief Evangelist, 8vance

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Laurens Waling is a speaker and Chief Evangelist at 8vance. He is an expert in the field of AI for HR and management. Laurens is involved in over 50 implementations of Talent Marketplaces within businesses, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, governments and eco-systems.


Maarten Hansson | Global Head of integrated workforce management, Novartis

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Maarten is Global Head of integrated workforce management at Novartis since 2021, designing and implementing an Integrated (total) workforce strategy. He used to be responsible for Workforce Strategy at Philips. He brings the worlds of HR and Procurement together by integrating workforce processes.


Michael Wolford | Data-Driven, AI Empowered, Talent Intelligence Leader, Claro

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“As the Talent Intelligence Titan, I’ve built a 15-year legacy, connecting people with opportunities. My leadership at Twitter, Allstate, NPR, and Capital One has honed recruitment skills, and I’ve inspired the industry through mentorship, speaking, and writings. -By GPT-4”


Olivier Vidal | Product leader, Satalia / WPP

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Olivier Vidal is a WorkTech product leader — experienced applying data science and artificial intelligence to large-scale Talent and Workforce challenges, particularly matching people to work and upskilling.


Gerrit Schimmelpenninck | Director Talent Insights & Research, Activision Blizzard

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Hi, I’m Gerrit, I started out in executive search research at Egon Zehnder to make the jump to human capital consulting and back into the research space at the birth of the TI function at Philips. From there to Activision Blizzard to set up and lead their TI function.


Megan Reif | Talent Intelligence Lead, Volvo Cars

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As Talent Intelligence Lead at Volvo Cars Megan Reif combines her background in delivering and training others in qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection, statistics, and analytics reporting in government, academia, and non-profit settings with her talent sourcing.


Kristine Mayle | Director, Global Talent Intelligence, Sourcing & Insights, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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Kristine built the Vertex Global Talent Intelligence team from scratch, focusing an external lens on talent and the competitive landscape. She has a penchant for identifying patterns and solving puzzles, leveraging experience in competitive strategies, executive search, and leadership gap analysis.


Who is this event for?

It’s for anyone interested in talent intelligence. We anticipate approximately 150 participants.


The conference will be held at the HeadFirst Group building, which is easily accessible by public transport.

Interested? You can purchase tickets for the event through our partner, Werf&.


We understand that comfort and convenience are important when you are traveling from abroad. Therefore, we have arranged a deal with Hotel Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, a reputable hotel nearby.

As a participant in our event, you will receive a discounted rate on your stay at the Novotel. The rate for a room is now €159 per person per night, including breakfast. This price excludes a 6.05% city tax.

For comparison: the regular price of a room is around €200. So, this is a great opportunity to save while enjoying a comfortable stay.