november 2020
16:00 - 18:00

ToTalent Silicon Valley Recruitment Masterclasses - Jim D’Amico

The ToTalent Silicon Valley Recruitment Masterclasses provide an exclusive opportunity to listen to and interact with leading experts Kevin Wheeler, Dr. John Sullivan and Jim D’Amico about the future of recruitment. With decades of experience advising leading firms in the heart of tech, Silicon Valley, Wheeler, Sullivan and D’Amico have likely forgotten more about recruitment than most will ever know. All masterclasses will be hosted by Denise van der Lans, Community Manager at ToTalent.eu.

Masterclass Jim D’Amico: “Storytelling”

Wednesday, 11 November, 16.00

Jim will share unique but effective actions you can implement to improve the value, effectiveness, and efficiency of your teams.

He will share how his team partnered with a Hollywood screenwriter to become better story tellers, and how they developed a strategy around serialized story telling to seduce top talent to Celanese. Additionally, he will talk about how he leveraged technology and new process’s to align his teams efforts not only for improved efficiency, but to maximize their strategic value.

Jim will not dwell on theoretical underpinnings, but instead he will focus on how you can create buy in and implement these high impact strategies in your organizations.

Invest in your future

€495,- per person all-in, excluding VAT. That’ll get you access to all three online masterclasses. If you have a colleague that would also like to attend the masterclasses, you’ll be able to add an additional registration for only €100.