IT Labour Market 2017 Netherlands

In the report ‘IT Labour Market 2017’ are all the relevant facts & figures of the Dutch market for IT professionals. For the fourth year in a row, Sterksen and Intelligence Group realised this study. This edition will give you new insights into sourcing facts and figures, market competition and what drives the employee when choosing a new employer. You will find the latest and most relevant trends and developments in the Dutch IT Market as well as recommendations on how to improve your recruitment strategy for IT professionals.


  • Available IT talent is declining rapidly
  • The demand for IT Talent is at boiling point, but the growth of vacancies seems to slow down
  • Continued extreme focus on junior and mid-career hiring


  • Focus your campus recruitment on where the most IT graduates (will) arise
  • 90,000 IT professionals are not being approached (anymore)
  • How to make an appealing offer: drivers, primary and secondary employee benefits