Candidate experience in Europe

To recruit talented candidates in Europe, you can use the European Recruitment Dashboard, but immediately afterwards the question arises as to what you should do once a candidates applies. One way to consider the recruitment process is by looking at the candidate experience. This is very important for applicants when choosing an employer.

The candidate experience whitepaper gives you insights into the differences between European candidates. There are fifteen different topics that the whitepaper brings up from the candidates perspective. For example almost half of the European candidates thinks personal feedback after application, is very important. However there are big differences between countries. This and more insights can be found in the whitepaper.

Job board developments

On average, job boards aren't seen as particularly sexy; in fact, now that they've been around 22 years, they're practically old-school. And if job boards are complacent, that assessment will be correct – as they themselves agree. Adoption of new technology in the recruitment industry plays out at a Champions League level. Download our paper now : Job board developments


IT Labour Market Monitor 2018 The Netherlands

This paper published by Intelligence Group and Sterksen centers around the labour market of highly educated IT-professionals in The Netherlands. In this paper we discuss the scarcity, demand, most favorable employers, important labour conditions and more.

IT Labour Market 2017 Netherlands

Available IT talent is declining rapidly and the The demand for IT Talent is at boiling point, but the growth of vacancies seems to slow down. In this report ‘IT Labour Market 2017’ you can find all the relevant facts & figures of the Dutch market for IT professionals. Also, this edition will give you new insights into sourcing facts and figures, market competition and what drives the employee when choosing a new employer.

IT Labour Market 2016 Netherlands

Available IT talent is declining rapidly and demand for IT talent has increased immensely in every functional and technical area. In this report ‘IT Labour Market 2016’ you can find all the relevant facts & figures of the Dutch market for IT professionals. You will aso find the latest and most relevant trends and developments in the Dutch IT Market. And recommendations on how to improve your recruitment strategy for IT professionals