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Who are the most favourite employers according to IT professionals?

On the job market, IT professionals are and remain one of the most sought-after candidates for companies. After seeing which employers are popular among millennials, women, and technicians, we also looked at the much-needed IT professionals. What does it turn out to be? Once again Google is number 1, followed by Microsoft and Apple. 

American companies

The top 10 of favourite employers consists mainly of companies with their origin in the United States. No less than 70% was founded in America and is now globally known and active. Is there a common denominator why these companies are considered a favourite by IT professionals? They come from America and have all been pioneers in their own way. 

The striking features in the top 10 are the companies that do not originate from America: T-Mobile, originated in Germany; Samsung with its Korean identity and the provider Orange that is originated in Great Britain. 

Top 10 favourite employers of IT professionals

Plaats Bedrijf  
1 Google
2 Microsoft
3 Apple
5 Amazon
6 Facebook
7 T-Mobile
8 Samsung
9 Orange
10 Oracle

Source: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor by Intelligence Group

Interested in the full list of the top 50 employers? Download the complete report here:


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