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Where can you find Software Developers in Europe? And more can you recruit them?

There are over a million (1,072) Software Developers working in Europe, based on data from Intelligence Group and Eurostat. They are not easy to recruit in any European country, but in one country you are more likely to find someone than in another. In 4 of the 28 countries measured, the difficulty is measurable almost at the highest level (9,8). If you compare this with Sweden, Ireland and Croatia (quite difficult to recruit), it seems almost easy to recruit in these counties....

Difference in difficulty to recruit per country

Source: European Recruitment Dashboard and Eurostat

Of course, there is much more to consider than just the difficulty of recruiting or the number of software developers available in a country. For example, their activity in the labour market, the sourcing pressure (how often are they being recruited every quarter) and wether they have really changed jobs in the past year. As in Poland, more than a quarter are looking for a new job; that’s a lot. And the fact that 37% of jobs have changed in the past year. In Poland, Software Developers are on the move! This is logical, given that 72% are approached by recruiters every quarter. It is a mobile, competitive market where your recruitment team should be ready to enter the Polish market.


Source: European Recruitment Dashboard

Benefits for the employer are important

In addition to the recruitment feasibility, data on salary and terms of employment are important, so that candidates with the right advantages can be approached. In Italy in particular, salary is by far the reason for choosing a new employer. Followed at a distance by challenging work, a permanent contract and the balance between work and private life. In terms of employment, we see that Italian software developers appreciate (flexible) working hours, holiday pay and the possibility to work from home. Mentioning at least 4 of the right pull factors/labour benefits will increase the number of applicants by 350% (Source: Appcast).


Source: European Recruitment Dashboard

The right message will help, of course, but if we want to recruit in Hungary, which recruitment and media channels should we use? LinkedIn? Indeed? The main source for active job seekers in Hungary is Job boards (, followed by their personal network and company websites. 1 in 5 active looking Hungarian Software Developers is accessible via social media (LinkedIn and Facebook). If you want to  reach the passive candidate, use and Facebook.


Source: European Recruitment Dashboard

In conclusion: Software Developers differ from each other

The motives of Software Developers in Poland differ from those in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Spain. And how you can recruit them in those countries is very different. In one country you have to source, and in another the use of agencies is the winning strategy. In most European countries the ‘traditional’ job board is the best option, but almost every European country has its own market leader. And how about this: LinkedIn is almost non-existent in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to win the war for talent from every target group on the European labour market, especially from Software Developers, you need the right local and national recruitment data. So you can find the right talent sweet spot (country, city, campus or competitor) in the right place by using the right message, appealling to the optimal candidate experience and using the right recruitment channel. They are present, as well as the data to act upon.


Looking for greater insight into labour-market data?

Interested in smarter international recruitment using the European Recruitment Dashboard? This dashboard gives you access to data from 28 countries in Europe, concerning 750 professional groups. It will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy in the European labour market. The data we use comes from our very own European job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested in more information about this dashboard, please contact us to request a demo.