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Update: New data available in the European Recruitment Dashboard

The European Recruitment Dashboard has been supplemented with new data from Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and the United Kingdom. With this addition, the data has been updated and recruiters will have more insight into the focus group.

The second phase of the fieldwork for Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and the United Kingdom was completed last month. The data on these countries has now been updated accordingly in the dashboard. This enrichment makes the data for the different focus groups even more reliable, the differences between regions within a country become clearer, and your choices will be based on constantly up-to-date figures.

Last year, the European Recruitment Dashboard went live, which links data of Intelligence Group and Jobfeed. Talent scarcity on the Dutch labour market makes it worthwhile to look for new candidates across the border. There is a lot of potential there. The border regions of the Netherlands have now received an update with labour market data.

Data from new countries

There is more to come. The United States was already added in June and Intelligence Group has the ambition to roll out the research in Asia as well. Additional countries can be added and will become operational within three months if customers have explicit preferences. Currently, the focus is on Brazil, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Russia and South Korea. Intelligence Group is happy to discuss your special wishes.

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Looking for greater insight into labour market data?

Interested in smarter international recruitment with the European Recruitment Dashboard? This dashboard gives you access to data from 750 professional groups in 28 countries in Europe. It will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy in the European labour market. The data we use comes from our very own European job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested in more information about this dashboard, please contact us for a demonstration.