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Update: Doelgroepen Dashboard now available in English

The 'DoelgroepenDashboard' helps to recruit candidates more efficiently by using labour market data. From now on the Dutch dashboard also has an English version. This makes it easier for English-speaking recruiters in the Netherlands and foreign companies. It supports recruiting in The Netherlands to search for talent and draw up their recruitment plans.

More often we were asked by our Dutch clients, who work with an international team, to add English to the dashboard. This option has now been added. Everything in the dashboard has been translated, except the job title search. This is still in Dutch for the time being, but will also be adapted in due course.

The language setting can be changed by following the steps below:

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner, and a small screen will pop out.
  • Using the cogwheel (settings) you can then select a language.

In addition, the export of a target group (e.g. .pdf) is also available in English. All important points have already been translated here. If you have international colleagues, this is a useful option for coordinating matters with your colleagues.

More insight into your target group?

Recruiting in a difficult labour market is a speciality, especially when it comes to a specific target group. The 'DoelgroepenDashboard' is a handy tool that offers 24/7 unlimited, real-time access to data about specific target groups, the market and vacancies of all Dutch target groups in the labour market. It is a handy tool for filling vacancies more quickly and it helps to gain insight into the scarcity of the labour market.  

The 'DoelgroepenDashboard' provides direct insight into the needs of the target group for each position, including:  

  • Recruitment feasibility¬†
  • Moving motifs
  • Main recruitment channels
  • Competitors¬†

With data from the 'DoelgroepenDashboard', the right media mix can be determined in addition to a target-group-specific recruitment strategy. It gives quick wins for improving labour market communication and helps in managing expectations. The dashboard is build based on algorithms from the Dutch Labour Market Behavioural Research (AGO) of Intelligence Group and linked to Jobdigger's vacancy data. 

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