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Top 10 favorite employers 2020-2021 in Belgium: what can we learn from Google?

Research by Intelligence Group reveals that tech giant Google has once again emerged as the most favored employer in Belgium. Using the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM), Intelligence Group asked the Belgian working population about their most favorite employer (current employer excluded). This article focuses on the top 10 favorite employers in Belgium in 2020/2021. The data is from Q4-2020 to Q1-2021. 

As in Belgium, Google also appears to be at the top of the list in neighboring Germany. What makes working for this internet company so attractive and what do they do about their employer branding?

Many applications, few chances

Google has long been known for taking good care of its employees by offering them many benefits. This is also evident in the number of people who would like to work for Google. Research shows that Google receives more than two million applications per year. When we translate that into an applicants to hire ratio, it turns out that it is almost ten times harder to get accepted at Google than it is at Harvard. In the end, the real chance of being admitted to the well-known search engine is only 0.2%. 

Employment conditions and work atmosphere are essential 

It is now clear that employment conditions play a crucial role in attracting staff. For example, our own research shows that a good salary has been the most important pull factor for many years. The fact that Google offers a high salary to its employees is not very special, but the tech giant also excels in other terms of employment such as free meals, an attractive pension plan, and a well-regulated healthcare plan and maternity leave. A good work atmosphere is a second important pull factor and this also often turns out to be a reason why employees choose Google as an employer. The company tries hard to make employees feel at home in their workplace. Furthermore, promising development opportunities are also definitely a condition that attracts many employees to the company. 

In recent years, however, it has not been all positive when it comes to working at Google. Employees and applicants often complained about the time-consuming application process and the high standards it sets for new staff. Recently, the company was also sued by over 5,500 former employees for discrimination in its compensation and hiring, resulting in a $3.8 million settlement. Still, we see that the many benefits and attention the company provides to its staff has had a positive impact on its employer brand. 

European Commission at number two

In second place in the top 10 favorite employers in Belgium is the Brussels-based European Commission. Supermarket chain Colruyt, ING and Proximus take the third, fourth and fifth place on the list respectively. The rest of the top 10 is completed by international organizations such as KBC, BNP Paribas and (this year for the first time) Pfizer, among others. The corona pandemic and Pfizer's developed vaccine have apparently made the pharmaceutical more attractive to employees.

 Top 10 favorite employers in Belgium in 2020/2021






European Commission












BNP Paribas





Source: Intelligence Group 2020/2021, GTAM

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