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The United States is the favourite country for the Dutch to go and work in

Twenty-eight percent of the Dutch working population wants to work abroad too. Almost a quarter of this group names the United States as its Favourite Country in which to work, closely followed by Australia and Germany – making the United States the favourite country in which to work among Dutch nationals aspiring to follow a career abroad. These are the results of Intelligence Group’s Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM), a large-scale European labour market survey that’s been conducted in 28 countries among 60,000 individuals from the working population. Developments in the United States aren’t currently preventing this country from retaining the top spot, even though the difference in the top 5 is very small. After the United States, Australia, Germany, Spain and Belgium follow as favourite countries in which to work. Great Britain, which will be leaving the EU next year, can be found in 7th place. In spite of Brexit, the country is more popular than France, which at 11th place, falls just outside of the top 10.

Table 1: Favourite countries among the Dutch who want to work abroad.

  Country Favourite countries among the Dutch who want to work abroad
1 United States 24%
2 Australia 23%
3 Germany 22%
4 Spain 21%
5 Belgium 21%
6 Canada 19%
7 Great Britian 16%
8 Denmark 13%
9 Austria 12%
10 Nieuw Zealand 11%

Starting a new life: an international mobility trend
Whenever Dutch nationals wanting to work abroad are asked why they want to do so, starting a new life is the main reason stated by almost a third. Other commonly named reasons include opportunities to challenge yourself, to get to know different cultures, to gain experience and the Dutch climate. A better salary or better standard of living are less significant reasons for leaving the Netherlands, which are more likely reasons in Southern and Eastern European countries. “It is notable that for almost a third of Dutch nationals wanting to work abroad, starting a new life is one of the main reasons. This is one result that is in line with popular TV programmes such as ‘Ik vertrek’, ‘Helemaal het einde!’ and ‘Het Italiaanse dorp: Ollolai’ and thereby seems to be an interesting trend in the field of international mobility.”, explains Matthijs de Fauw, international labour market analyst for Intelligence Group

Research design
The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) is the survey by Intelligence Group into the supply side (available talent) of the European labour market that has been conducted among around 60,000 unique respondents in 28 European countries. Respondents were questioned in detail on matters such as pull factors, favourite apps and vacancy and other websites, the candidate experience, international mobility, etc. The questions asked in the survey were: ‘’What are your main reasons for considering working abroad?‘’ and “In which countries would you consider working?”. The above figures have been taken from GTAM 2018.

For further information about this survey and the results, please contact Intelligence Group at or by calling +31 (0)88 730 2800.