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Enough women available for Facebook's ambition to attract more women

Facebook stated this week that they want to increase the diversity within their company. They aim to double the number of women in the company globally. In Europe enough women are interested in working for the company. The social media platform was chosen by 253.000 women as a favourite and competes with other companies, such as Google and Oracle, on the international labour market, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor.

Facebook is especially popular among European women from Ireland, a high relative percentage comes from this country. Besides Ireland, the platform is most popular in Slovakia and Croatia. At the moment Facebook is lacking women mostly in technical functions and according to our research more than 45,000 women who are interested to work for Facebook have a background in information, communication technologies.

So how can Facebook attract more female employees? The most typical aspect for European women who would like to work for Facebook is to work for an international company. This reason is almost six times more important for the women who would like to work here, compared to all European women. Facebook can't really influence this point, but they could emphasize this in their vacancies or in their employer branding to attract more women. Also the job variety and having a good balance of work and leisure and challenging work are important aspects for choosing a job.

Would you like to read more about how attractive Facebook is on the European labour market? Then read the company report below. 

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