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Talent Acquisition Live 2019: HR LOVES TECH

On the 18th of April Amsterdam was the European capital of innovative talent acquisition for the second time. Christoph Fellinger, Head of Early Career Programs at Beiersforf kicked off with the ongoing battle between man and machine.

We are living in VUCA times: the world is Volatile Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Past successes are no guarantee for future successes. The ability to think cognitive different, learn (digital), be self-reflective and adaptable to be VUCA proof. Machines will always need humans to train algorithms. It might seem like a battle but digital savviness in this day and age is important, to learn, to train, to nurture, to embrace.

Elbert Hubbard: "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary man. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

Sophie Theen from 11fs spoke enthusiast and energetically about Hypergrowth: the success of a company. Whether you work in a startup or big company, it is always about the people. The most important key indicators:
- Identity: the cultural fit is crucial.
- Mission: what achievements are there for new hires?
- Ownership: empower and embrace ownership.
- Purpose: everything needs a purpose.

Impression TA-Live in Amsterdam

Next to the keynote sessions there were a lot of inspirational breakout sessions about chatbots; augmented reality; market intelligence, talent pipelines and much more. The day was closed with keynote speakers Karen Azulai en Teddy Dimitrova. A change of mindset and technology is necessary to excel and the smallest things have got the biggest impact. Overall we heard that every process, every candidate journey, every recruitment strategy, whether is it being executed by machine or man including digital savviness, it all starts with research and data.

Market Intelligence and an insightful approach to Talent Acquistion

Andrew Steijaert and Stephen Goode talked about how they work with market intelligence as effective solution for; Talent Acquisition, Engagement, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing among others. By conducting labour market research using tools like The European Recruitment Dasboard, TalentNeuron or by deskresearch they advise clients from all over the world. Data is essential to know what is going on and know how to react in ways that suit your company, your goals but also for (potential) hires. To make a connection, find the right fit and eventually the perfect match you start with data. Data helps you to make recruitment easier, more efficient and effective.

Impression breakout session TA-Live

Looking for greater insight into labour market data?

Interested in smarter international recruitment using the online European Recruitment Dashboard? This dashboard gives you access to data from 28 countries in Europe, concerning 500 professional groups. It will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy in the European labour market. The data we use comes from our very own European job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested in more information about this dashboard, please contact us to request a demo.

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Impression Intelligence Group at TA-Live in Amsterdam