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Our new, international dashboard Giant! is now live

At Intelligence Group, we are always working on ways to innovate and make data more impactful and useful with a better user-experience for our clients. Therefore, we are proud to present our new, international dashboard Giant!

Successfully organize your international recruitment process

Giant! selects surprising and distinctive data about target groups of choice (in 28 countries) and makes all this information available in one dashboard. It provides relevant insights into scarcity, size of the talentpool, their motivation to select a job or organization, their expectations of the application process, competition, and the jobboards and media most relevant to this target group. Moreover, it gives insightful information on how to strengthen your employer brand and how to optimize the candidate experience in your local markets. The information found in Giant! enables you to understand where and how to recruit the best candidates effectively and to successfully organize your recruitment process.

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Moving from the European Recruitment Dashboard to Giant!

Clients concerned with international recruitment might be familiar with our former product European Recruitment Dashboard. Giant! is more than just a redesigned version of our former (and now retired) product. There are actually new data points available in our new Giant! dashboard, such as international mobility, candidate experience, and national averages. This data is available for 28 EU-countries, Great-Britain, and the United States of America. Besides the variety of new data, the dashboard includes additional functionalities such as the ability to compile the PDF report to your preferences, the information is available in six languages, and you can easily gain insight into other countries in one dashboard. The labour market data we use for Giant! are reliable and up-to-date as they are derived from our European labour market research: the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) (data from Jobfeed/textkernel, Eurostat and dozens of other important sources).

Our people at Intelligence Group have worked hard on making a dashboard that is able to contain a vast amount of reliable data and structuring this information in an organized way. We are proud to present you this new dashboard that will help you recruit the best candidates and successfully organize your recruitment process.

More information

Click here for more information about the Giant! dashboard or to request a live demo.