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New features European Recruitment Dashboard

We are continuously improving our European Recruitment Dashboard. Today we have released some new features and added extra data to the dashboard for a complete overview of every target group on the European labour market.

Take a look at the updates in the video below:

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1. Ranking per country

When you fill in an occupation, you will get a ranking based on the best countries to recruit your target group in or from. You can choose which factors are more important for your international recruitment or exclude factors that are less important in your search. Of course, you still have the ability to choose your own countries via the map.

2. Target group size per region

We have added a map with the target group size not only per country but also per region. You can find it in the tab recruitment feasibility. It helps determining your focus area and gives more insights in the feasibility.

3. Most used job boards

If you use the Jobfeed add-on with data about the demand side of the labour market, you will now also know the job boards that have the most vacancies for your target group.

Demand European Recruitment Dashboard powered by Jobfeed


4. Easy navigation

With the addition of three new buttons on top of the page, it should be easier to navigate through the dashboard.

5. Filter map on recruitment feasibility or target group size

In the map you have the option to filter by recruitment feasibility or target group size so that you can immediately compare countries on these two factors.

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About the European Recruitment Dashboard

The European Recruitment Dashboard gives you access to data from 28 countries in Europe, concerning 500 professional groups. It will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy in the European labour market. The data we use comes from our very own European job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested in more information about this dashboard, please contact us to request a demo.