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Munich popular among Eastern European men

About 2 million Europeans chose Munich as their favourite city to work in, according to our European research: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. Munich's biggest competitor is Berlin, followed by London and Vienna.

The European talents who would like to work in Munich come mainly from Eastern European countries. For example, we see that Munich is popular in Ukraine, Romania and Hungary. It is striking that almost a quarter of Croatians want to work in Munich. Almost half of the Europeans who want to work in Munich would also like to move to this German city. A majority (67%) would like to live in Munich for more than three years. We also see that the city is especially popular among men (77%) with a senior position (74%). 

Why Munich?

In order to attract European talents to Munich, it is useful to know what drives this target group. The main reason for working in Munich is to raise the standard of living. This reason is more important to this group than the average European. In addition, the economic situation in the home country and the salary conditions are important. 

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Reasons to choose a job

A good salary is the absolute number one to choose a job: for 71% this is an important factor. But a good work/life balance and a permanent contract are also important for this target group. In addition, the terms of employment are important, which differ from other Europeans. The top three for the group that wants to work in Munich consists of: an allowance for health care costs, a pension and compensation for irregular working hours or overtime.

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