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Maurice: 'With our tools you can add so much quality to the work of a recruiter'

Discover our team! Maurice de Gruijter has been working at Intelligence Group since February as Business Development Manager and he focuses on European labour market. He wished that he had known sooner of the major advantages of the dashboards for smaller recruitment agencies and job boards. Today he would like to share these insights.

"I have over 20 years of experience in the recruitment sector: from staffing, secondment, recruitment and selection to interim management. I have also built and sold many job boards. It has always been difficult to have a good lead generation and good labour market information. I always had questions, like:

  • What is important to my target group?
  • Where can I source them?
  • Which channels should I use?
  • Where can I find the right vacancy per niche?
  • And if they are not actively looking for work, where do they look?

Although I had heard of Intelligence Group, I did not know that the tools are also useful for smaller recruitment agencies and job boards. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't know this before, because it could have helped me a lot. Especially when I see how easy it is to use the European dashboard."

Useful for everyone

"Whether you are active as a temporary employment agency, secondment agency, interim management agency or job board: our tools are useful for everyone. If you are recruiting talent in the Netherlands, there is the DoelgroepenDashboard and if you are recruiting in Europe, you can use the European Recruitment Dashboard. A good vacancy is the basis for everyone. But what do you put in such a vacancy (which pull factors?) and on which channels should you place the vacancy? These answers can be found in the dashboards and of course this depends on position, level (junior, medior, senior) and region. And it also has an influence on whether you are actively looking for a job or whether you are latent."

Logical combination

"Working at Intelligence Group is a logical combination of my knowledge and experience, a deep dive in tech recruitment and online recruitment marketing. My mantra is 'do work that you like and you don't have to work anymore'. Fun work gives you energy and makes it easier to learn new things. With the tools of Intelligence Group you can add so much quality to the work of a recruiter. In the coming period I will focus on adding labour market data to clients and systems. I'll help the European employment agency sector with higher conversions and better candidates. In short, creating impact on the European job market!"

More insights?

The European Recruitment Dashboard gives you access to data from 28 countries in Europe, concerning 500 professional groups. It will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy in the European labour market. The data we use comes from our very own European job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested, Maurice would be happy to show you how the dashboard works.

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