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Looking for talent in Europe? The European Recruitment Dashboard from now on LIVE!

With the scarcity of the labour market, it is interesting to look beyond your countries boundaries for talent. Where can you find the perfect candidate, whether they are easy to approach and what are the pull factors? These and more questions are easy to answer with the European Recruitment Dashboard.

With the European Recruitment Dashboard of Intelligence Group you will find answers to all your international recruitment questions to find the perfect candidates. In this tool you will have access to 28 countries with data for more than 500 different jobs. It gives you insight per country in several ways explained further below.

An elaborated analysis per target audience shows statistics about online behavior from your target group. Both for active and passive candidates. What are the most used apps, social media, websites, job search engines et cetera. In this way you can adjust your strategy in order to be there online on the right spot at the right time.

With recruitment feasibility you can estimate the amount of effort, time and budget you need to recruit the target group. This information can also be used in conversations with vacancy holders to substantiate your advice and to manage the expectations about the recruitment process. This does not only give you tools to manage the process but also the opportunity to exceed expectations!

There also is a module that focuses on the pullfactors when considering a new job. If you know and use these factors you will positively attract attention. It is useful for recruitment and also for your company image.

To sum up these are just a few advantages which the European Recruitment Dashboard has to offer. The data is the outcome of our own European labourmarket research: Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. A comprehensive research about the offer on the European labour market. Are you curious about the possibilities? We are happy to explain it to you in full detail.