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International recruitment: 10 tips for recruiting talent from Spain

In a labour market with high demand and a lot of competition, it is interesting for companies to recruit talent from abroad. Spain seems to be a good choice for recruiters in the Netherlands, as more people in Spain are looking more active for a job. The European Recruitment Dashboard shows that there are differences between the candidates from the Netherlands and Spain*: we have listed the most striking ones.

*In this article we look at the Spaniards who would like to work in the Netherlands and the Dutch who would like to work abroad.

1. The Dutch would rather go to Spain than the Spaniards to the Netherlands

When we look at the favourite countries of Spaniards to work in, the United States is number one. The United Kingdom and Germany are also popular. The Netherlands is only in thirteenth place, while Spain is number three for the Dutch.

2. Spaniards do not like to emigrate abroad

Spaniards are willing to work in the Netherlands for a certain period of time, but preferably without moving. Approximately 64% of Spaniards who would like to work in the Netherlands are open to this. But if you ask them to emigrate to the Netherlands as well, only 36% would want to do so. In general, the Dutch (46%) are more open to emigrating abroad.

3. Spaniards want to increase their experience

If we look at Spaniards who would like to work in the Netherlands, their main reason for changing jobs is the opportunity to gain experience. They also find it important to have a better standard of living and to get to know other cultures. For Dutch people, starting a new life and challenging themselves are key.

4. They are much more actively looking for work

A large proportion of Spaniards are actively looking for a new job, about 32% compared to 14% in the Netherlands. A majority of Spaniards are also open to changing jobs, but prefer to do so with a new employer.

5. Reasons to change jobs

For Spaniards too, a good salary is the most important pull factor for a new job. In addition, Spaniards who would like to work in the Netherlands also find it important to have a good balance between work and private life and to have a permanent contract. In the Netherlands, the content of the job is considered important, after the salary.

6. Spaniards use other job sites

If you are posting a vacancy in Spain for your Dutch company, it is useful to know exactly where Spaniards are looking for a new job. They look at very different websites than in the Netherlands. In Spain,,, and are popular. is a lot less popular than in the Netherlands, but LinkedIn is more popular in Spain. Here you can find the top 10 job boards in Spain

7. Preference for e-mail

Spaniards' preference for the way in which they want to be approached is broadly similar to that of the Dutch. They prefer to be approached by e-mail (59%), followed by personal contact (28%).

8. Spaniards want flexible working hours

The most important employment condition for Spaniards who want to work in the Netherlands is flexible hours. In addition, we also see that compensation for overtime and holiday pay are important points when considering whether to opt for a job in the Netherlands.

9. Presenting yourself is important

In the candidate experience there are several things that are important for Spaniards. Unlike in the Netherlands, the opportunity to present yourself is number one. Dutch candidates consider personal feedback on the application and reasons for rejection important. However, the expected time for the procedure is a lot shorter in Spain (about 2.5 weeks) than in the Netherlands (4 weeks). Spaniards also find it important to receive frequent updates on the procedure.

10. Spaniards mainly negotiate about the salary

If you are going to negotiate with a Spaniard, it is good to know what is important. More than half will negotiate about the salary and Spaniards also find it important to know how the salary will increase in the coming time. We also see that the number of working hours (per day) is less important for Spaniards than for Dutch people.

International recruitment

The motives and preferences of Spaniards differ from those of the Dutch. In order to persuade Spaniards to come and work for a company in the Netherlands or any other country in Europe, a good recruitment strategy is important. In order to reach the right people in Spain, it is important to have the right European data. This allows you to use the target-group-focused preferences in your communication and recruitment strategy. Do you want to more know about our tool for international recruitment? Then request a demo. 

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