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International companies attractive to technicians

Google is not only popular among millennials or women, it is also the number one employer among European technicians. Microsoft is number two, followed by Apple, according to research of Intelligence Group. In the top 10 favorite employers are mainly large international companies, such as Amazon, Apple and IBM. 

International companies

The top 10 are mainly companies that are frequently mentioned and are popular among a wide range of target groups of the European population. It is therefore striking that Siemens, Roche and Bosch are in the top 10. Siemens and Bosch are both technology companies from Germany that are also present in the industrial and energy sectors. In the top 50 of favourite employers among technicians are many more technology companies, which are not listed in the other lists (women and millennials). These include Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), BASF and GE, as well as the Italian railway company Trenitalia and British Airways. 

Medical technicians were also included in the study and the companies NHS (National Health Service) and Roche are popular among this group. Roche is a Swiss pharmaceutical company and is active in several European countries. The pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Sanofi are also popular.

Top 10 favourite employers of tech workers

Ranking Company  
1 Google
2 Microsoft
3 Apple
4 Amazon
5 Siemens
8 Roche
10 Bosch

Source: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor by Intelligence Group

Interested in the full list of the top 50 employers? Download the complete report here:


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