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Intelligence Group data flourishes in ‘RIG 2020’

Whether it’s AI matching, automated performance campaigns or smart software, recruiting is more complex today than it ever was. With our extensive European labour market data, we are proud to have played a vital role in the Recruiting Intelligence Guide 2020.

With job markets changing everywhere, it is a crucial to use a time like this to use the COVID-19 scenario for good. Raven 51 and the HRM Research Institute have come up with the RIG 2020, a comprehensive reference work which helps organisations pinpoint a variety of things. Having the right insight into your target group may now be more useful than it ever was.

A global workforce

The fact that people are now able to work solely and fully remotely, can lead to the workforce being expanded into a truly global one. If the only thing connecting employees is technology, counter borders suddenly play no role. There is no, or very little business travel, leading to empty offices.

Hiring from abroad

By hiring from countries you may have not thought about, hiring managers have the ability to build more diverse teams, as well as starting a global presence. Whether you’d be looking at hiring from Germany, Switzerland or Denmark, this data suddenly gives you an opportunity to create a really specific profile.

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With the help of data, for example from our international recruitment dashboard Giant!, you can find answers to questions such as: What are the candidate’s main pull factors, what job sites do they use, or do they have prior international experience? These questions are vital to formulate an answer to, as they are all things you can directly use in your search. It gives your recruitment process, as diverse and different it might now be, a whole new dimension.


“The feedback from the HR community about last year’s guide was overwhelming, Ralph Kuncser, CEO of Raven51, said. “We are all looking forward to giving the industry, along with the HRM Research Institute, guidance on all important recruiting trends and tools that can be a real help in everyday work.” The paper is available to download here.

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