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Indeed in 2020 still the number 1 job board among active jobseekers in Belgium

Intelligence Group conducted research on the most favorite job boards in Belgium among active jobseekers in 2020. Indeed is, just like the year before, on top of the list followed by and, which have both risen one spot compared to 2019. has lost its second place from last year and is now in fourth place. Remarkably, in 2020 we see no less than three job boards in the top 10 that were previously outside this list. In this, Accent, which was still in 16th place in 2019, has made the biggest progress. Also and are now in the top 10, while they were still respectively on the eleventh and fifteenth place the year before. was in seventh place last year, in ninth place and both have dropped out of the top 10 in 2020.

Most frequently used job boards by Belgian employers

An analysis was also made of the demand side of the labor market, in this case the top 10 job boards for employers and intermediaries in Belgium. This year either, Indeed and LinkedIn have not been included in this analysis, as the number of vacancies for these job boards is unknown. This analysis was made for the period of January to December 2020 and shows that for employers is the most favorite job board with over 287,000 posted vacancies. This is followed by in second place with less than half the number of vacancies (122,692). Glassdoor is in third place with over 100,000 vacancies. At the bottom of the list is Stepstone with a total of 15,080 vacancies. 

Most frequently used job boards by Belgian intermediaries

The results immediately indicate that intermediaries post far more vacancies than employers. Furthermore, the top 10 of both groups is not identical. However, the number one is the same and again concerns with 450,738 vacancies. Leforem and Glassdoor, on the other hand, swap places when it comes to intermediaries, with Glassdoor in this case in second place. Remarkable is the shift of It goes from the eighth place for employers to the fourth place for intermediaries. At the same time the Belgian website of Randstad takes its place in the top 10 job boards for intermediaries in Belgium. Finally, goes down in the list and is therefore a lot less relevant for intermediaries than for employers. 

Difference in demand and supply

In view of the similarities between the supply and demand side of the labour market, we see that the largest players in the top 10 for jobseekers are also found in the supply side and that therefore most vacancies are actually posted on these job boards. Exceptions to this are the job boards Accentjobs, Joprapido and Stepstone (for intermediaries), which are in the top 10 for jobseekers, but not in the top 10 for employers or intermediaries. Stepstone is particularly low with a 20th place for intermediaries, whereas it is more popular for employers (10th place). 

More insight into labour market data?

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