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How focusing on the little differences makes a big impact on recruiting talent

Finding a candidate might seem like the same process, but when you pay attention to the differences between target groups it can have a big impact on your recruitment. As a speaker on the global Job Board Summit hosted by Jobg8, Maaike Kooter, Manager Business Innovation at Intelligence Group, talked about interesting insights about candidates, the power of data and the importance of relevant content. We are happy to share some of the content.

Because did you know that:

  • In the USA people expect short and easy application processes and want to interact with their line/hiring manager and colleagues during the process.
  • Europeans value personal feedback during the application process the most, while most Americans say that that is one of the least important aspects.
  • On the other hand, if you want to recruit female Americans that personal feedback is the third most important factor during the application process.
  • Candidates in the US expect on average 2.5 interviews in 3 weeks while the French expect almost 4.5 interviews in 3.5 weeks and the Czech 2 interviews in 2 weeks. If you apply French standards to recruitment in Czech, your chances on successful hiring are very small.
  • Blue collar workers in the USA choose for variety in work, job security and good transportation, while white collar workers are more driven by social status and challenging work.

It’s these little differences between countries and candidates that can make the difference. It’s about adjusting to local standards and improving the candidate experience by really knowing your target group. Namely, these differences do not only exist per country, but also per occupation, per age group, per gender, per education level etc. There are user cases with publishers/job boards where companies adjusted their job postings to the preferences of their target group (based on occupation * nationality) and traffic and conversion to actual applications increased 13,5 times. You can imagine what impact this has on sales.

"Data can help give job boards a role as an insight provider to employers"

Data = Content = Traffic = Sales

How we know all this? Because we collect data by interviewing over 100.000 people a year in Europe and the USA about their job market activity, job preferences and orientation behavior. The power of this data is that it gives meaningful insights, it creates relevant content and that ultimately results in more traffic and sales.

Especially in a highly competitive and changing environment it is important that job boards keep evolving their business. It’s the ones that focus on the candidate experience and personalized content who will be the winners. The ones that try to be different and more importantly: relevant. Relevant for their candidates and for their (potential) clients.

The presentation

Looking for greater insight into labour market data?

Intelligence Group is always looking for ways to collect more data about supply and demand on the global labour market, for example by means of partnerships. We strive towards a more transparent global labour market where supply and demand actually meet each other. One of our tools is our international Recruitment Dashboard which will empower you to develop and fine-tune your recruitment strategy. The data we use comes from our very own job-market study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM) and from Jobfeed by Textkernel. If you are interested in more information about this dashboard or how to use this data for your recruitment, please contact us to request a demo. 

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