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Generation Y: the millenials and their most favourite employer in Europe

Millenials were born between 1985 and 2000 and their influence is growing as they are with many. They acquire a clear position on the labour market. The attitude of the life of a millenial has great influence on education, work, media and marketing. Thus we found it interesting to have a look in which employer is the most popular amongst the millenials.

The Millenials are the first generation who grew up with technology in contrary to the older generations. This helps them in their daily life as technology is getting more important every day. Millenials are very adaptive when it comes to technology. Maybe this is the reason why there are tech companies chosen as favourite. 

Google again most popular employer

In the female top 50 employers Google was also the most popular employer. Google knows how to find talent and keep them. Next to the tech company we also see the traditional brands: Coca Cola and Lidl but also from the automotive industry: Audi and BMW.

Top 10 favourite employers by millenials

Ranking Company  
1 Google
2 Microsoft
3 Apple
4 Amazon
5 Audi
6 Coca Cola
10 Lidl

Source: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor by Intelligence Group

Interested in the full list of the top 50 employers? Download the complete report here:


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