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Experienced IT professional is open to being approached for a new job

It now seems to be a certainty: the tightness of the labour market and the desperate shortage of IT professionals in the Netherlands. There is a huge increase in the number of IT vacanies. Not just in the Randstad, but in all the other provinces as well, 4 out of 5 job openings published online cannot be filled by active job seekers according to recent research by Intelligence Group and Sterksen. This scarcity makes it difficult for companies to keep their business running. One of the possibilities is to look for senior self-employed IT professionals. The majority of senior self-employed IT professionals are open to working again as employees.

Research has shown that the number of IT professionals in paid employment has increased and the number of freelancers in IT has decreased. Do you belong to the group of recruiters or hiring managers that this much sought-after IT professional needs? Then it may be interesting to experiment with the 'niche target group' in this category: the self-employed/IT professional who works for himself: 35,500 senior IT professionals are open to employment. More than half, i.e. 54% of the senior self-employed IT professionals are open to returning to paid employment.

Source: Intelligence Group, Jobfeed (2019)

Extra reasons to go for a senior IT professional

Compared to last year we see that the number of vacancies aimed at juniors and medior IT professionals has increased extremely. Especially the recruiter who is looking for a senior IT professional has a chance of success. There are 25 vacancies for every actively looking junior IT professional, 15 vacancies for medior IT professionals and only one vacancy for a senior IT professional. The ratio between supply and demand for a junior or medior IT person is extremely skewed. A senior IT professional has more than ten years of experience, which gives you the necessary knowledge and skills.

Almost 1 in 4 IT professionals is never approached

There is still a group, particularly experienced IT professionals, who are never approached by recruiters. Of this group (23%, of the total group of IT professionals) this is 22%: almost one in four. If we compare this with 2015, this group will be smaller. But here is a huge opportunity for employers, especially by looking differently. Not in existing channels, such as LinkedIn, Githup or Stackoverflow, but by using other tools, such as webinars, white papers, events and referral activities. 75% of IT professionals are open to being approached for a job. Senior IT professionals prefer to be contacted by e-mail. They are also more open to being approached face to face than junior and senior IT professionals, followed by LinkedIn and face to face.

Would you like to know more about IT professionals in the current labour market? 

Together with Sterken, Intelligence Group has conducted research into the highly educated IT professionals in the labour market. This is the fourth version of the paper IT Labour Market Monitor The Netherlands. Among other things, extensive attention is paid to the degree of scarcity, the size of demand, the most important terms of employment, pull factors and the most important developments in the market. Would you like to know what is important when it comes to sourcing an (senior) IT professional? This can be found in the paper in chapter five, which discusses the motives, the preferences and what an attractive offer is.

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