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Europeans rate London top city for work

An impressive 11 million Europeans named London as their favourite city, according to the results of our European study: The Global Talent Acquisition Monitor. London's biggest competitor is New York, followed by Paris and Berlin.

The majority of European talents who are eager to work in London are from Greece and Portugal. More than one-fourth of the inhabitants of Greece and Portugal would like to work in that city. London is also popular among Romanians, Spaniards and Bulgarians. Yet not everyone who picked London is willing to actually relocate for his or her job. Of their number, 42% would actually be prepared to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

Mensen die in Londen willen werken

Why London?

If you want to attract European talent to London, it's important to understand what drives this target group. The most important reason to work in London is the opportunity to gain broader experience. Other important reasons indicated by this group are ‘starting an international career’ and ‘learning a new language’. The possibility of gaining work experience and enhanced career options are also frequently mentioned by this group.

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Reasons to take a job

A good salary tops the list of reasons to take a job: over 60% say this is an important factor. Yet a good work-life balance and possibilities for career development are also big concerns among this target group. If you are looking to attract European talent, it is useful to consider the employment terms and benefits on offer. The top three for this target group are: flexible hours, a holiday allowance and compensation for working irregular hours or overtime.

Favourite fields

Europeans who wish to work in London would prefer to do so in one of these fields:

  • Art/entertainment/leisure
  • Information and communication
  • Education
  • Healthcare and social work
  • Administrative and support services

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