The value of RPO in Europe

Recruitment Process Outsourcing emerged early this century and the industry has been growing rapidly. The recent development in the economy as well as in recruitment industry is one of the main drivers of this growth. At the same time, the development of markets across the globe has been uneven. Generally speaking, the US and UK recruitment markets are ahead, while the rest of the world is following. One of the markets that always seems to be both the next frontier as well as an emerging market is continental Europe. This is the market that we’re trying to crack in this report.

Skills of the future for the top 50 scale-ups

What are the skills of the future? This report shows the fastest growing skills over the past three
years within the scale-up sector. A distinction is made between: professional, IT, and social skills. 

Inclusion on the Dutch labour market

How inclusive are Dutch job postings? Are certain groups not excluded when it comes to, for example, gender or language requirements? That is the main question in this whitepaper!

The COVID-19 crisis as catalyst for innovation

In the white paper "The COVID-19 crisis as catalyst for innovation for flex and intermediary job market", Intelligence Group and HRlinkIT explain in a few steps how you can be the very best, digitally. 

Trends and External Factors driving the MSP market 2020-2021

Offering an MSP (Managed Service Provider) service used to be pretty straightforward. Manage suppliers, have a good Vendor Management System (VMS) in place, run the program efficiently. This is changing rapidly. The possibilities data and tooling offer, the talent shortage, the ever increasing complexity in regulation, it all leads MSP clients to expect more from their providers. For providers themselves it means they have to expand their services. All these changes in the MSP market are explored in the white paper ‘Trends and External Factors driving the MSP market 2020-2021’ published by Intelligence Group.

The start of a new decade for the RPO market 2020-2021

Growth with double digits, providers broadening their service offerings, clients from new industries, and a competitive landscape that is shifting rapidly. In a market where everything is moving as rapidly as seems to be happening in the market for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), it can be a challenge to keep check of all developments. 

Negotiating in Europe

Congratulations, you've found a fantastic international candidate. The most difficult part of the recruitment process seems to be over. However, now it's time for the negotiation phase. Not to mention, the candidate still has to accept the offer. What elements are considered most important by European candidates? And how do you create a win-win situation? This whitepaper gives you insights into the differences between European candidates. 

Candidate experience in Europe

To recruit talented candidates in Europe, you can use G!ant, but immediately afterwards the question arises as to what you should do once a candidates applies. One way to consider the recruitment process is by looking at the candidate experience. This is very important for applicants when choosing an employer.

The candidate experience whitepaper gives you insights into the differences between European candidates. There are fifteen different topics that the whitepaper brings up from the candidates perspective. For example almost half of the European candidates thinks personal feedback after application, is very important. However there are big differences between countries. This and more insights can be found in the whitepaper.

City reports

In our city reports you'll find labour market data about cities in Europe, like Florence, Rotterdam, London, Brussels. See how popular these cities are amongst working people in Europe and why they want to work in this city. 

Job board developments

On average, job boards aren't seen as particularly sexy; in fact, now that they've been around 22 years, they're practically old-school. And if job boards are complacent, that assessment will be correct – as they themselves agree. Adoption of new technology in the recruitment industry plays out at a Champions League level. Download our paper now : Job board developments