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Colruyt and Proximus in top 3 of favourite employers in Belgium. Google at number 1.

Research by Intelligence Group, including more than 60,000 unique respondents in Europe, shows that Colruyt and Proximus are respectively 2 and 3 in the list of favorite employers. Both companies are originally Belgian. On 1, however, is an American company, namely Google. Google has an office in Belgium, in Etterbeek, nearby Brussels.

Favourite employers in Belgium

Nr. Employer  
1 Google
2 Colruyt
3 Proximus
5 Coca Cola
7 Apple
8 Nike
9 Microsoft
10 Bayer

What is striking is that in the top 10 only three companies can be found that are originally Belgian: Colruyt, Proximus and SNCB. Colruyt is a Belgian company founded in 1928 by Franz Colruyt and is known for its retail activities with the Colruyt supermarkets. They are also active in wholesale, export, engineering and automation. The Proximus Group consists of Proximus NV and its subsidiaries Telindus; Scarlet; Wireless Technologies; Belgacom ICS and Skynet is the largest telecommunications company in Belgium. The third largest and most favorite company in Belgium is SNCB: the Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen or Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges.

Another striking fact in the list is that the majority of companies are in the IT/Tech sector. The industry sector with BASF and Bayer is slightly less represented.

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