IBM Talent & Transformation

From the Center of Branding & Strategy at IBM Talent Acquisition Optimization Andrew Steijaart works as Manager of the Center of Branding & Strategy, where various clients are commissioned to work. Seven years ago he started in a small group, but in recent years growth has increased. Today they stand with 70 employees, divided over four teams and still growing. The department works to help Recruiters attract talent from all over the world. An important condition for working in this department is the ability to analyse data. This is so important because it is the foundation of the entire recruitment process.

Analyzing data is a challenging process

Analyzing data is a challenging process today. Especially through social transparency. We know more about our candidates than we ever knew. But that also applies the other way around: the candidates know a lot about you as an employer in advance. In order to use data in the right way, IBM consults Giant! (previously known as the European Recruitment Dashboard), among other things. "This specific dashboard is nowhere else to be found," according to Andrew Steijaart. On the internet you can often also find information for general professions. However, this information is often local. This makes it more difficult to make a comparison in different countries on an international level. Giant! contains job information from different countries, which saves a lot of research time.

More efficiency in time

IBM Talent & Transformation got an assignment to take on a large group of blue collar professions for a global international company in the Czech Republic, cecause there was too little HR capacity in the organization. A specific need for this is that these people have a CNC qualification. Little was known in advance about the target group because, for example, no LinkedIn profile could be found online. But there is also little known about the competitors.