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7 tips to recruit talent from Greece

Talents from Greece want a good salary and the opportunity to present themselves during the application process.

To attract talents from abroad, it is worth knowing what is important to them. The European Recruitment Dashboard shows that there are many differences between the European countries: we have listed the most striking ones.*

*Here we compare the Greeks who want to work abroad with all Europeans who want to work abroad.

1. Greek talents want to work in these countries

The United Kingdom is the most favourite country, 41% would like to go there. Germany is also popular, followed by The United States, Cyprus, Australia and Canada. English-speaking countries and Western European countries are particularly popular among Greeks.

2. Greek talents are likely to work abroad

A quarter (26%) of Greeks wants to work abroad. If you ask them to emigrate to another country, 11% would like to do so. This corresponds to the European average.

Greeks would like to work for international companies. Check out the top 10 most favourite employers in Greece here.

3. Greek talents use other job boards

When you are placing a vacancy in Greece to recruit local talent, it is useful to know where Greeks are looking for a new job. The most popular job site is, half of the Greek talents use this site in their search. Other popular sites are and and 

4. Economic situation reason to look across the border

For Greek talents who want to work abroad, the economic situation is the main reason for changing jobs. In addition, salary conditions and the improvement of the standard of living are important motives. Talents from Western Europeans on the other hand look for jobs abroad mainly to get to know other cultures or challenge themselves.

5. Greeks want an easy process

Greek talents expect a short application procedure. They consider 22 days an acceptable time, a day shorter than the European average. They consider presenting themselves during the application process most important. An easy application process and the accessibility of recruiters are also important in the candidate experience.

The expectations of European applicants differ a lot. With the white paper "Candidate Experience in Europe" you get more insight into what is important for candidates.

6. Important employment condition: compensation for irregular hours

The most important employment condition for talents from Greece to work internationally is compensation for irregular hours. In addition, a good pension and a thirteenth month are important.

7. Greeks mainly negotiate about salary

More than half of the talents from Greece will negotiate the salary, just like other Europeans. In addition, they will also negotiate about the number of hours and how the salary will develop.

More insights about negotiating with candidates from Europe? Read our white paper.

More insights in international candidates?

The motivation and preferences of talents of Greece differ from those of other Europeans. To persuade them to come and work for your company, a good recruitment strategy is important. To reach suitable candidates in Greece, it is important to have the correct European data. This gives you insight into the preferences of the target group, which can be used in your communications and recruitment strategy. Do you want to know more about the European Recruitment Dashboard? Request a demo now.