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7 tips for recruiting talent from Romania

To attract International talent, it is useful to know what they find important. Romanians are mainly driven by a good salary and they expect compensation for irregular hours. The European Recruitment Dashboard shows that there are many differences between European countries: we list the most striking ones.*

*Hereby we look at Romanians and Europeans who wish to work abroad and Europeans who want to work abroad.

1. This is where Romanians want to work

Germany is by far the most popular country for Romanians to work in, as almost half of the Romanians would like to go there. The United Kingdom is popular among a large group of the Romanians as well. Followed by France, Spain and Canada.

2. Romanians are willing to emigrate

A lot Romanians (33%) want to work abroad for a certain period, but preferably without moving. Nevertheless, when you ask them to emigrate to another country, 15% would be open to this. This is higher than the figures for the European average. Germans for example are less open to emigrate.

Romanians would like to work for international companies. View the top 10 most favorite employers in Romania here.

3. They use different job websites

When you post a job opening in Romania to recruit local talent, it is useful to know where Romanians are looking for a new job. They mainly search through local websites such as, and In addition, the job websites and are also popular.

4. Salary conditions are the most important

For Romanians who want to work abroad, better salary conditions are the most important reason to change jobs. In addition, the economic situation in their own country is an important driver and they want to improve their own standard of living. This is in contrast to Western Europeans, who want to get to know other cultures or challenge themselves.

5. Personal feedback is important

To optimize the candidate experience you can take into account what Romanians consider to be important. The number one consideration is personal feedback on the application. Reasons for rejection and an easy application procedure are also important. Although a short application procedure is not in the top three among Romanians, they do expect a short application procedure. Romanians consider 18 days an acceptable timespan, which is five days shorter than the European average.

The expectations of European applicants differ a lot. With the white paper "Candidate Exerience in Europe" you get more insight into what is important for candidates.

6. Compensation for irregular working hours

The most important employment condition for Romanians who want to work internationally is compensation for irregular hours. In addition, a contribution for their health insurance and a good pension are important. These employment conditions play a role in the consideration of choosing for a job abroad.

7. Romanians mainly negotiate salary

More than half of Romanians will negotiate salary. With this, they do not differ from the rest of the Europeans. Nevertheless, it is advisable to pay sufficient attention to this, as it is an important point in the consideration to work in another country. Moreover, Romanians will also negotiate the working hours per day and a (permanent) contract.

Want to know more about negotiating with candidates from Europe? Read our white paper.

More insight?

The motives and preferences of Romanians differ from those of other Europeans. To persuade Romanians to come and work for your company, a good recruitment strategy is important. To reach suitable candidates in Romania, it is important to have the correct European data. This gives you insight into the preferences of the target group, which can be used in your communications and recruitment strategy. Want to know more about the European Recruitment Dashboard? Request a demo now.