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6 tips to recruit talent from Sweden

People from Sweden want to increase their experience and challenge themselves.

To attract talent from abroad, it is worth knowing what is important to them. The European Recruitment Dashboard shows that there are many differences between countries: we have listed the most striking ones for Sweden.

1. Swedish talents want to work in these countries

English-speaking countries and neighbouring countries are particularly popular among them. The United Kingdom is foremost among these, 43% would like to work here. This is followed by the United States, Australia, Norway and Denmark.

2. Swedish talents are willing to work abroad

One in three (33%) wants to work abroad for a limited or longer period. If you ask them to emigrate to another country, 16% would like to do so. This is higher than the European average of 11%.

Companies of Swedish origin are popular, but international companies are also popular. Check out Sweden's favourite employers here.

3. Swedish talents use other job boards

The most popular job board in Sweden is, the public employment service: 63% of Swedes use this site to look for a job. The website is a Swedish job board for jobs abroad. Compared to other Europeans, they also make better use of their network and online CV databases where they can upload their CVs.

4. Swedish talents want to increase experience across the border

For Swedish talents who want to work abroad, the main reason for changing jobs is the ability to increase their experience. In addition, challenging oneself and getting to know other cultures are important motivations. Talents from Eastern Europe, on the other hand, change jobs mainly for economic and financial reasons.

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5. Swedish talents have patience

Swedish talents don’t mind if the application procedure takes a little longer. They consider 29 days to be an acceptable time, one week longer than the European average. They consider personal feedback about the application most important. Reasons for rejection and an easy application procedure are also important in the candidate experience.  

The expectations of European applicants differ a lot. With the white paper "Candidate Experience in Europe" you get more insight into what is important for candidates.

6. Main negotiation: salary

More than half of talents from Sweden will negotiate about the salary, just like other Europeans. In addition, they will also negotiate about the flexibility of working hours and the possibility of working from home.

More insights about negotiating with candidates from Europe? Read our white paper.

More insights in international candidates?

The motivation and preferences of talents from Sweden differ from those of other Europeans. To persuade them to come and work for your company, a good recruitment strategy is important. To reach suitable candidates in Sweden, it is important to have the correct European data. This gives you insight into the preferences of the target group, which can be used in your communications and recruitment strategy. Do you want to know more about the European Recruitment Dashboard? Request a demo now.